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No Small Fête

Host Committee plans the holiday party for you

  • 18 November 2013

The tragedy of the office holiday party — besides awkward co-worker snogging, questionable decorations and that one girl who is sadly mistaken about the tastiness of her homemade cookies — is this:

The venue is usually bunk.

This year, let the experts handle that: introducing Host Committee, the party-planning service that plans full buyouts of the best nightclubs in the city, booking now.

Forward this email to your party-planning committee on the double.

Full disclosure: Host Committee is our sister company.

Our little sister, if you will, who stays out till all hours making questionable lifestyle decisions because a) she knows every nightclub owner in New York, and b) she has 
“the most buying power of any nightlife company in the city.”

Translation: HC throws so many parties that they’re able to get white hot venues like Lavo and The Box for a fraction of what you’d pay normally.

You drop them a line, and a concierge calls you directly to chat number of guests, occasion (work vs. personal) and what you’re looking for. They deal with the venue, book your entertainment (from DJs to dancers to fire-breathers, no joke) and sort out your top-shelf open bar.

Your only job: know when to go home to your wife.

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