Like a Live-in Maid. Minus the Live-in.

All starting at $20 a day

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Never make your bed again
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03 December 2015

What we love most in hotels is coming home to a room that is invariably, impeccably, eat-off-the-floor-ably clean.

Talking hospital corners. Carpets still grooved from the vacuum tread. Chairs refreshingly undraped with belts, ties and dirty undies.

Here to outfit your apartment thusly: Slate NYC, a live-in maid-quality cleaning services without the live-in maid prices. 

How it works: after an in-depth consultation, you will be assigned a personal Slate representative who will visit your home for 45 minutes each day (or a few times a week, depending on your needs). Their two points of order: one, tidy up. That means making the bed, cleaning up that candle that dripped all over the table last night, and hanging up that shirt and tie you threw over the chair after a long day.

After that, they give one thorough “deep clean” to a single room.

All starting at a “Come again?” worthy $20 per day.

Oh, and did we mention you’re never going to do your laundry again?

Slate provides bins for dirty clothes and dry cleaning. Once full, everything is cleaned, returned and — here’s the kicker — put away for you. Part of the consultation is devoted to learning whether you half or whole-roll your socks and which drawer they go into, and whether you like your hanging items sorted by purpose or palette.

New customers receive a weeklong trial for free, so no need to take our word for it.

Clean the slate for yourself.

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