One Former Mafia Palace, Up for Grabs

Includes views, "slaughter room"

By The Editors

One Former Mafia Palace, Up for Grabs
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11 December 2015

Say what you will about the mafia: they knew large living.

Take 75 Bluff Road, former residence of ‘40s mobster Albert Anastasia Jr.

The mansion was set to be auctioned on December 8th, but it’s still awaiting the block. Goon squad and brass knuckles not included.

What is included: an Italianate-styled manor nestled at the end of a long, gated drive with a pool to left, sweeping views, spacious rooms and a whole lot of privacy.

Oh, and there’s a slaughter room. That is, a tiled room with nothing but a drain. Known for cleaning deer and other … game. Says previous resident Sandy Hackett, son of comedian Buddy Hackett: “Whenever you went in there, it was always five degrees colder, just chilly and eerie. I don’t know about deer, but they were definitely slaughtering something in there.”

Relax. The current owner, trucking and property tycoon Arthur Imperatore, turned it into a sauna and jacuzzi room.

Additionally, Hackett may have mentioned a false wall in his sister’s closet that allowed one to sneak to a guest bedroom, though the passageway is nowhere to be found today. And if that wasn’t enough, there are rumors of a tunnel system in the cliffside its built against.

If you can handle the history — Mr. Anastasia’s ownership of the property ended when he was assassinated in his barber’s chair at NYC’s Park Sheraton Hotel — and perhaps a few ghosts, the estate is a steal. 

A bit of a fixer-upper, the bidding is said to begin at a relatively modest $5.5 million. Probably the only deal the mafia will ever cut a fella.

The Specifics

NJ Palisades Estate

Auction date: TBD

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