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For Eat's Sake

Pre-packaged cooking kits delivered by a husband-wife duo

  • 13 April 2012

They say that the couple that cooks together, stays together. No mention, however, of the couple sighing in frustration as they riffle through a bodega searching for tandoori spices, together.

Here to save you from culinary/connubial headaches:, a just-launched “recipe delivery” operation that brings delicious ready-to-cook meal kits to your doorstep.

Run by a husband-and-wife duo in Brooklyn, Grubkit allows even the most confounded cuisinier to knock out delicious, exotic specialties without the headache of tracking down, say, the proper fennel pollen.

Simply place an order via the site, and a couple days later you’ll receive a slick box packed with hand-selected, non-perishable organic ingredients, plus a detailed recipe card and three-to-four item “shopping list” of no-brainer fresh foodstuffs to complete the dish.

The ingredients are pre-measured, so all that’s left to do is follow the simple instructions and voila — you’ve created authentic Pad Thai from scratch.

And since new recipes will be uploaded to the site every couple weeks, you can kiss those desperate bodega-wandering days goodbye. Together.

The Specifics
$19 per kit

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