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Your new personal trainer, now half price

  • 17 January 2014

So, about that “get fit” resolution — how’s it coming? It stick?

Fret not, slothful chum – we found you a personal trainer. More accurately, all the personal trainers. At 50% off.

Introducing Find Your Trainer, a service that lets you cherry-pick private training sessions across the city (no gym membership required), now accepting members.

FYT has a network of over 100 trainers specializing in everything from strength-training to yoga at gyms like David Barton and Reebok Crossfit.

Sign up (for free), find one that’s convenient and book it online — even day-of.

No need to switch gyms, drop a mortgage payment on a 30-session package or frantically screw with your schedule to make workout appointments. Book and go when you feel like it.

Bonus: if you and the trainer don’t jibe, you’re not locked in. Keep it pushin’ until you find one you like, or continually mix it up like a fitness Casanova.

Here’s to getting around.

Nota bene: Use code INSIDEHOOK20 for twenty bucks off your first session. Enjoy.

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