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Home’s Odyssey

House p*rn. Lots and lots of house p*rn.

  • 26 September 2013

You’re not supposed to covet thy neighbors’ houses, said The Almighty, but then his Jehovah-ness, well — He never lived in NYC.

That’s why there’s City Modern: a Caligulan orgy of house tours for your covetous pleasure, now offering tickets.

Hosted by Dwell Magazine, City Modern offers two days of self-guided tours through Manhattan and Brooklyn’s most haute’d-out homes.

Digs you'll visit include:

The Fractal Pad
A TriBeCa loft inspired by Plato’s cave with electronic “faux windows.”

Flavor Paper Pad
A sprawling, fur-walled penthouse atop a 16,000 square-foot wallpaper factory.

The much ballyhooed four-story art den replete with mirrored stainless steel slide.

In short, stuff that has to be seen to be believed.

And coveted.

The Specifics

City Modern

Sept 27th - Oct 4th
Ticket prices vary

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