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Blue Period

Blue Hill (yes, that Blue Hill) now comes to you

  • 15 May 2013

The original food-with-a-backstory restaurant.

That’s Blue Hill at Stone Barn — where the servers reveal how the fiddlehead ferns were harvested and what the pigs were fed, while solemn diners genuflect before bowls of summer peas.

But in all seriousness, it’s a damn good restaurant. And now they’ll bring that goodness to you.

Introducing Blue Hill ON THE ROAD, in which Chef Dan Barber brings the “cuisine, staff, style and expertise” of Blue Hill to your next private event.

We’re talking groups of all sizes at the location of your choice, from 20-person brunches at home to 300-person weddings.

For your eats, Blue Hill consults with you on your tastes before Chef Barber personally oversees a multi-course tasting menu “reflective of the season.”

So those summer peas we mentioned. And exquisite dishes sourced from Stone Barns Center's farm, where Blue Hill works directly with those who raise the beasts and seed the fields.

And since no good meal’s complete without the booze, you’ll get tailor-made wine pairings to highlight each dish.

Now your food’s got a backstory.

Nota Bene: If you’re stuck for a venue, fret not – Blue Hill can book settings from The Glass Houses overlooking the Hudson to Rhinebeck’s picturesque Grasmere Farm.

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