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Best of October

Romantic getaways and the stateliest fall shoes. Let's review.

  • 31 October 2013

Fall Getaway, No Phone Allowed
Get some proper respite with Lake Placid Lodge’s “Check In to Check Out” package, in which you check your e-gadgets at the door of a Valhallan villa on Lake Placid’s forested shores. Plus: handsome wooden motorboats. Check it out.

Like Uber for Restaurants
Skip the check with Cover, a just-launched app that stores your payment info and handles the bill for you, now servicing restaurants across NYC, from Charlie Bird to Carbone. Also makes splitting the check a piece of cake. Check it out.

Fall Style: Handsome Dress Kicks
Straight from our Essential Fall Style Guide, our picks of the devil-may-care dress shoes you should have your eye on this season, from tweed brogues to camo wingtips. Check it out.

Your Membership to All the Gyms
Sign up for just-launched fitness concierge SportSetter, enter your fitness interests, and get passes to sundry gyms, personal trainers and classes around NYC. Bonus: a free month for InsideHook readers

Tequila Tutorial
In addition to some of the best tacos we've had in ages, just-opened hotspot La Cenita's got 70+ tequilas and mezcals for the sipping. Here are the six you should be ordering and why. Check it out.

And from our Men Who Get Shit Done department ...

Where to Take Her
Because every man needs a plan, we give you "Where to Take Her": a decision tree series that answers a gentleman's most pressing lifestyle questions and recurs whenever we get around to it. This month: the fall getaway. 
Check it out.

Man of the Month
Frustrated journalist from Detroit walks into a bar in Africa. Meets a kid in a heavy metal band. Decides to make a movie about the kid and orphans who play heavy metal. Meet Jeremy Xido, our Man of the Month for October.

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Best of October

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