21 Photos of the Month That Was in NYC

Pizza sandwiches. Ladies in foam. Fashion Week. Let's review.

By Shari Gab

21 'Grams: February
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28 February 2017

Your correspondent prefers to live in the moment rather than record it. 

Makes for great experiences. Doesn't make for great nostalgic looks back. 

Hence: 21 'Grams, in which we compile the best sights and scenes that came to pass in our fair city over the last lunar cycle, as taken by you.

Because Kalinsky’s Muhammad Ali exhibit is definitely worth a visit

Because sometimes you have too much swag for Union Square

... in which case Chinatown will do.

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From our friends at Mercedes-Benz®
Because you'll never turn heads in a taxi cab, there's the all-new GLC Coupe 

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Because it's breathtaking

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Because the Westminster Dog Show is fun for … most

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Even the dog's mortal enemy.

Because the Historical Society is taking live art to the next level 

Because the show must go on

And does, thanks to these champions

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Because Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin walked Fashion Week

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Because N.Y., in a nutshell

Because this exhibit gives new meaning to The Spaghetti Incident

Because this room comes with a view. Or two.

Because curling is the new ice skating

Because Rome’s pizza sandwich is here to steal the show

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Because GANT’s new styling lounge will see you now

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Because happy first birthday to radical culture hub Samsung 837

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Because Fashion Week came in with some messages ...

About New York ...

And some  were less subtle than others.

main image by Humza Deas

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