For Sale: $1.2M Zombie Apocalypse Bunker in Rural Scotland

Plus one ridiculously oversized satellite dish

By Tanner Garrity

For Sale: $1.2M Zombie Apocalypse Bunker in Rural Scotland
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03 December 2018

We've prepped you before on the best gear to include in a bugout bag. You know, your trusty stash of weaponry, electrolyte replenisment and ... toilet paper, for when it all goes bad. 

But if that day comes and you're the owner of Scotland's Balado Bridge, you won't need a bag. You can kick back comfortably on the couch. 

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Baldo Bridge Listening Station is a 33-year-old military surveillance outpost located in Kinross-shire, a small county 45 minutes north of Edinburgh. Back during the Cold War, Baldo was a SATCOM 2 intelligence gathering camp, sitting on land that once served as a WWII airfield and training center. 

Now, though, Baldo is defunct and looking for a private buyer. And what a spot to hide out. Will Smith's I Am Legend character would've found post-apocalyptic days here a little easier than in the middle of Greenwich Village. The property touts a famous radome-ensconced "golf ball" (which rotates a large dish antenna), a communications tower, nine acres surrounded by a prison fence and a mess area with adjacent facilities built to survive a biological, chemical or nuclear attack. How's that for peace of mind? 

If you're interested in touring the facility, get in contact here

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