You Can Finally Order the Much-Hyped Magic Leap AR Headset

It's not for the masses. But a developer version has arrived.

By Kirk Miller

Magic Leap
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08 August 2018

We can see our augmented-reality future. And it looks damn expensive.

That steampunky AR headset from Magic Leap we’ve been talking about for a while is finally on sale for the not low, low price of $2,295, starting today.

We get the hype: The Creator Edition, which creates virtual 3D objects you can interact with in the real world, doesn’t need a laptop to operate. Instead, it’s powered by a round Lightpack that fits into your pocket, while the handheld Control operates as your joystick, paint brush, baton or whatever tool you need to interact with your fake/real worlds.

As of now, the Leap CE is only available in a few markets in the U.S. for developers. This is so creators can make content for the nascent system: there isn’t a lot so far, and since a consumer version hasn’t been officially announced, you can probably hold off putting this future tech on your wishlist. Plus, the first round of buyers need to be personally fit for a pair of AR glasses (sorry, people who wear glasses).

Early reviews from people who’ve tested the units? Like the reality they’re proffering, let’s call it mixed.

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