This Inflatable Jet Ski Boat Is One Toy The Kids Can’t Play With

Seakart: Yes, it's like a go kart for the sea

By Tanner Garrity

This Inflatable Jet Ski Boat Is One Toy the Kids Can’t Play With
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22 June 2018

Kids these days have it pretty good as far as joyride options go: Star Wars Landspeeders, remote-controlled Bentleys, motorized pool floats.

It's enough to make the average FOMO-prone dad wonder: Whence the debatably impractical but undeniably amusing summer toy for me?

Helping realize that daydream: the Seakart 334 Watercraft, an inflatable vessel with a jet ski-style steering column and dash, which, backed by its Yamaha jet engine, tears through the water like a speedboat.

seakart (4 images)

Listed as Category C (meaning it’s designated for coastal waters, lakes and bays with winds up to 27-knots), its inflated sides act as a natural buttress against choppy conditions. Capsize, the Seakart will not. It also comes equipped with underseat storage, piped deck drains and LED lighting.

And though the kids won’t be operating the thing, there’s more than enough room (it seats five) for them to hop on and enjoy the ride.

Find more information about purchasing and customizing options here.

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