You Can Now Airbnb the Yacht of Your Dreams

It's time to get in touch with your inner Bond villain

By Diane Rommel

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17 October 2016

Let's face facts: Some super-villain efforts just look better with a yacht. 

No need to actually sail it — just buying a yacht can look a little hinky, as it did in the New York Times' recent profile of a Saudi prince who dropped a half-bil (yes) on a 440-foot yacht previously owned by a "Russian vodka tycoon."  There's no purchase, the piece seems to suggest, as potentially hinky as the half-bil yacht impulse buy. 

Tractors? Not scary.

Private jets? Kind of weird, but OK.

Yachts? Hinky. 

If you want to test out your own James Bond villain scenarios — or, you know, just want to tool around some islands, jump in azure-blue seas, or build a death ray and destroy the planet — there's a new service to help make your dreams a reality: Antlos, an Airbnb-type exchange service for yachts and the yachtless

The 400 yachts on Antlos's books come, per the owners, either with or without skippering services — handy if you don't know how to pilot a boat, an encumbrance if you're planning a global apocalypse. 

Sailing locations vary, with a growing number of ports that currently include the U.S. Virgin Islands, Croatia, and a range of Mediterannean options. 

Best of all: While there are certainly some luxury options available, rates start at the downright democratic $55 a head per night. 

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