The Secret to Finishing the World's Largest Parkour Course Is an Iron Stomach

Who's got the Dramamine?

By Evan Bleier

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08 June 2017

In the world of parkour, there’s only one thing that’s more difficult than successfully completing the world’s largest course at Tianmen Mountain in China: watching a first-person GoPro video of someone else doing it without hurling your breakfast all over the keyboard. 

Stretching almost 1,000 feet down at a 45-degree incline, 19-year-old Calen Chan completed the 999-step Skyladder course in a little over two minutes and amazingly only fell a couple of times. 

Making the video even more impressive, the professional freerunner opted to carry the GoPro in his mouth rather than strap it on his head.

Take a gander at the video and attempt to count the amount of times you would’ve fallen if it was you on the course (we hit triple digits).

Bonus points if you can track the number of tourists who have no idea what is going on.

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