Woody Allen’s Amazon Series Will Star Allen, Also Miley Cyrus

Not exactly what you were expecting, was it?

By The Editors

Woody Allen’s New Series Will Have You Questioning Streaming TV
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27 January 2016

A brief history of the the many muses of Woody Allen:

1972: Diane Keaton stars in her first Allen film as the unassuming Linda in Play it Again, Sam. She'll go on to star in 12 more ...

1977: Including Annie Hall.

1982: Mia Farrow begins her stint by starring in A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy.

2005: Scarlett Johansson does Match Point, every man in American proceeds to take up tennis.

2016: Ugh ... Miley Cyrus?

Right. So, the man who said back in May last year he “regretted every second” since agreeing to make a show for Amazon is starring in that very show alongside the Disney kid-turned-whatever-she-is-now.

The project was confirmed after an Instagram post showed a blacklit portrait of the 80-year-old director with the caption "F**k yeah ! Stoked to be in Woody Allen's first series!!!!!"

Adding Allen’s show to a slate of programming that already boasts Golden Globe winners Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle is a good get for Amazon.

Whether it will be for Allen is yet to be determined.

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