With These Gloves, You Can Pick Up Burning Logs With Ease

Handsome, impenetrable to fire, and now on sale at Huckberry

By Kirk Miller

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08 February 2019

The real world isn’t gonna wait for you to find a pair of tongs.

When you need your hands in a dangerous situation, the 4 Season Glove by Give’r is gonna be your lifesaver (well, handsaver).

A Kickstarter success in 2016, these everything-proof gloves won Outside magazine’s “Gear of the Year” award soon after, and for good reason: You’re not gonna find another pair of good-looking, sturdy, breathable and waterproof leather gloves that can survive the elements like these.

Seriously: Check out the video below.

You can stick your gloved hands in flames, drench ‘em in dry ice and dip ‘em in a boiling pot without any damage, either to your mitts or your extremities. The ribbed handwear features a waterproof membrane between a thinsulate liner and and a waxed leather exterior, giving you protection from pretty much any day-to-day danger.

The Give’r gloves, designed in Jackson Hole, WY, are currently on sale at Huckberry for under $100, including a hickory colorway exclusive to the site.

BUY IT HERE: $99.98

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