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New Jacket Required

The sleekest, warmest winter jackets come from Wild Things

  • 16 November 2012

Winter coats come in a million variations. Sadly, most are so Stay Puft you look like you should be stepping on a church in Midtown.

Choose the form of your winter destructor with Wild Things’ new bespoke coat program, starting now.

WT knows tough coats: they’ve been crafting rugged outerwear for the armed forces, law enforcement, and alpine climbers for 30+ years.

Now, you can craft your own. Just hit the website and zoom around the jackets’ 3-D avatars, customizing your look via a dead-simple menu of 10 jacket attributes.

Starting with a fleece or puffy, you choose:

  • Outer shell fabrics: A stretchy Toray? A breathable Praetorian? A camo-ed Denier?

  • Colors: Castlerock? Azure blue? Peridot?

  • Then mix n’match: Insulation, side panel fabrics, cuff type, detail trim, hood (or not) and pocket placement

The coats are currently available on the WT website for a base price of about $150-$250. Orders take two weeks to craft and ship to your door. Coming soon: even more choices of coats, plus customizable pants and packs.

Giving you even more ways to cause a little winter mayhem.

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