Optimus Prime Has Nothing on This Land Rover Defender

From truck to hotel room in 43 seconds

By Evan Bleier

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05 December 2016

Forty-three seconds.

Were that a 0-60 time, even for a stout Land Rover Defender, it’d be a downright pathetic one.

But in this instance, 43 seconds refers not to the amount of a time it takes a custom Rover to accelerate, but rather the amount of time it take for it to turn into your accommodations for the night.

Designed by a French couple who fell in love with life on the road, the Wild Fennec Land Rover can transform from all-terrain vehicle to go-anywhere living space in three-quarters of a minute.

Equipped with a mini kitchenette, hot shower, basic bathroom and comfy sleeping area, the custom Defender can help its owner explore the backcountry, tailgate like a champ or live down by the river.

Even better, Wild Fennec plans to start offering “No Limits” Defenders to the public in January.

We smell a resolution coming.

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