Travel Hacks for the Coming Year

Where to go, when to go, and how to set your out of office

By Tanner Garrity

Travel Hacks for the Coming Year
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11 January 2019

Prices on flights to Kaua'i decrease by 18% in May. 

So whether you're scrambing for Valentine's Day gift ideas or were amped after watching the end of Forgetting Sarah Marshall on TV the other night, we suggest booking a couple tickets for a 50th State sojourn in May. 

Other locale + month info to dogear? Trips to Iceland cost 25% less in May. March is a great time to visit Austin. You should be on your way to Vegas right now.  

This intel comes courtesy of Kayak's 2019 Travel Hacker Guide, a handy compendium of jet-setting wisdom, covering everything from the year's trending locations to budget-conscious cities to how to properly construct an OOO email. 

Below, a few of our top takeaways from the guide. 

Go to Denver
Colorado's capital will run you 55% less than the average trip, according to Kayak's in-house metrics. Leaves some room to spend a little more while there (see a Red Rocks concert you like?) or visit other parts of the state. FYI: Crested Butte was one of our top "datecation" spots. Other budget-conscious cities/destinations of note: Salt Lake City, Boston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston and Fort Myers. 

Skip Tahiti (for now) 
Unless you like spending a half-hour searching for a spot on the beach. Ok, the situation isn't that severe, but the French Polynesian island tops Kayak's most searched-for beach destinations. Sure, most of those searches have gotta be aspirational, from cubicle-trapped employees on a gray Tuesday, but beach trips always cost an arm and a leg. It's worth digging around for a lesser-known locale. Try our guide to the Caribbean on for size. 

Expect dinner party talk about Ho Chi Minh
While Mexico City hasn't yet lost its trendy throne (Kayak reports an astonishing 73% uptick in searches for the city — makes sense, everyone and their Grandma seemed to visit in 2018) looks like the focus is soon headed east, to Vietnam's capital. The city has registered a 49% increase in search on Kayak. 

Out of Office messages can be playful 
Kayak has an OOO Generator that asks a series of questions about your trip and snacking habits before drafting a full Out of Office auto-reply. You can move the toggle back and forth to make it more or less professional. Here's their wackiest template:

"Knock, knock. Who’s there? No one, because I’m out of the office.

But it looks like you’re not. Because you’re emailing me. Bummer.

Back to me: I’m away until Mon 1/21 for a romantic getaway (*wink wink*) and will be completely disconnected and loving it. But if your matter is urgent to the point where you’re debating contacting local authorities, then you can post your request on social media using #interruptingyourtrip. I’ll find it somehow. But only after setting a new record on my daily intake of candy and beer before I return."

To see Kayak's guide for yourself, head here.

Main image from Wikimedia Commons // Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

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