This '84 British Roadster Was Descended From Greatness

The fastest 30-year-old clunker you'll ever drive

By Evan Bleier

This '84 British Roadster Was Descended From Greatness
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15 May 2017

When it comes to cars, it turns out small packages can have a big impact. 

Measuring in a shade over 11 feet long and a tick over 900 pounds, the Lotus Eleven won a trove of admirers by coming in first in class and seventh overall at Le Mans in 1956.

A little more than a quarter century later, one of those admirers, engineer Chris Smith, built a four-wheeled tribute that went on to become so popular it founded Westfield Sportscars

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The Westfield 7 racer you see above, a 1984 model that has 23,515 miles on its odometer and was used in a variety of autocross events prior to being sold to its current owner, has been blessed with a number of improvements including rebuilt four-cylinder race-prepped engine, a modern alternator and refinished 13″ alloy wheels.

Despite all the work, the owner of this little guy has put it up for auction and bids are rolling in.

If you want, much like the car, you’re gonna have to move fast.

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