Your 2019 Exercise Plan Should Start With This Weight Rack

A space-saving, strength-building set at its lowest price ever

By Kirk Miller

Weider 200lb Dumbbell Kit with Rack
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02 January 2019

New year, new you, blah blah, blah...

Maybe you were like me today, waking up a bit earlier, doing a better-than-usual workout and thinking “this year’s gonna be different and I’m gonna get in shape.”

Whether you stick with your resolutions or not, there are ways to make your health goals easier. As someone who was literally tripping over weights scattershot on my living room floor at 7 a.m. I could have used Weider’s 200lb. Dumbbell Kit With Rack.

While it’s pretty straightforward — it’s weights on shelves — there are a few things to like here: It’s an angled, two-tiered rack, giving you some extra room and allowing for OCD-pleasing dumbbell organization (side note: can we all do better about placing similar weight pairs next to each other? Don’t place your 25 next to my 15, friend.) The weights have hexagonal sides and ergonomic handles, so you won’t drop ‘em and they won’t roll.

Oh, and the whole set is $250 this week and next at Groupon ... which is 28% off and $30-$100 less than you’ll currently find at Walmart, Jet, Amazon, et al. and the lowest price we’ve seen.

Here’s to a stronger new year. Maybe we'll mean it this time.


Photo: Via Groupon

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