Vidanta Resorts Will Pay You $120K to Pool-Hop Around Mexico for a Year

They're calling it 'The World's Best Job.' They're not wrong.

By Tanner Garrity

Vidanta Resorts Will Pay You $120K to Pool-Hop Around Mexico for a Year
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29 August 2018

You might’ve heard of Jada Yuan. She’s that New York Times correspondent currently traveling to every single one of the paper’s “52 Places to Go in 2018.” Talk about dinner-table street cred for the rest of your life.

But also: talk about exhaustion. The human brain has an airport customs limit, and 52 seems a bit beyond it.

Vidanta Resorts, on the other hand, might have just hacked the content creator’s dream job. The Mexican chain of luxury beachside hotels wants to pay one social media-savvy traveler for the “World's Best Job” ... aka pool-hopping through its legion of resorts for a year.

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Whoever gets this gig will float from Acapulco to Los Cabos to Riviera Maya to Nuevo Vallarta, catching sunsets, dancing salsa, swimming with sharks, tasting local tequilas and golfing up a storm ... all for a relative king's ransom of $120K. ("I walked to school uphill both ways" grandpas are rolling uphill in their graves as we speak.)

To throw your hat in the ring, apply through this link. It’s pretty straightforward. If you manage to showcase a sense of wanderlust, penchant for conversation and adroitness in videography (you can upload a 60-second clip as part of the application), you just might have a shot.

Of course, be ready for 2020 to be a hangover unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

Applications are due by Sunday, October 21. Buena suerte.

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