Everything You Have in Common With the New Victoria’s Secret Angels

Models: They’re just like us!

By Alex Lauer

Everything You Have in Common With the New Victoria’s Secret Angels
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28 August 2017

The main reason we admire Victoria’s Secret Angels? They’re not like us.

Or are they?

While the diamond-encrusted event isn’t slated to happen until November, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has finished casting, and there will be 12 new models strutting in Shanghai. 

In learning about the newcomers, we discovered something we really shouldn’t be surprised by in 2017: they’re interested in the same things we are. From ATVs to pizza parties, if you happen to meet one of these lingerie superstars on the street, here are your conversation starters. 

Gizele Oliveira
Shared interest: Harry Potter
You can tell she’s no mere muggle because she’s wearing a shirt with Dobby the house elf. Not the most photogenic choice (Dobby, not Gizele), but an expression of true fandom nonetheless.

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Aiden Curtiss
Shared interest: Fresh fruit
And you thought supermodels only ate activated charcoal.

Alexina Graham
Shared interest: The Mayweather/McGregor fight
OK, so she doesn’t explicitly say it here, but you better believe a redhead from the U.K. who boxes was watching on Saturday night.

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Mayowa Nicholas
Shared interest: ATVs
You will ride shotgun and like it!

Vanessa Moody
Shared interest: New York City parks, coffee and denim on denim
Throw in the New York Times crossword and we’ve got the new lazy Sunday queen.  

Julia Belyakova
Shared interest: Panorama NYC 
As you make your way to the front at this music festival next summer, try not to elbow any Angels.

Nadine Leopold
Shared interest: Pizza parties
A cynic might say, “She didn't eat any of that pizza — it’s a photo op!” We say: toss us a giraffe onesie.

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Victoria Lee
Shared interest: A bang-up Broadway musical
No doubt the Great White Way is changing (see: SpongeBob SquarePants), but the glitz and glamour of bygone days lives on.

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Dasha Khlystun
Shared interest: Watermelon with the seeds
Slow down and appreciate this sweet, sweet excuse to expectorate. 

Estelle Chen
Shared interest: Road biking
As they always say, better cows and cornfields than taxis and tourists.

Alecia Morais
Shared interest: Spring break, forever
Must be nice.

Amilna Estevao
Shared interest: Real talk
“I like when people are real, like if they don’t like me, they let me know straight up. Then we’ll be all good.” This is how America comes together.

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