Well Here's a Perfect Perch for Looking Over Your City With Casual Disdain

The Ventura House is one of the finest hillside homes ever

By Diane Rommel

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26 April 2017

Take note, Angelenos: This is a helluva way to build a house into a steep hillside, overlooking a smoggy yet dynamic city (in this case, Monterrey). 

In fact, that reference isn't an accident: Architect Tatiana Bilbao, whose Mexico City studio is responsible for the design of five-sided concrete blocks, said she was inspired by Julius Sherman photos of 1950s homes in the Hollywood Hills, houses which similarly have had to deal with quasi-vertical planes. Bilbao's design pushes its visitors up and down a central spiral staircase: Shared, communal spaces are at the bottom of the residence; as guests climb sets of stairs, they're led to the private areas and bedrooms above. 

ventura house (5 images)

After concrete, the primary building material is wood — intended to tie in the house to its surrounding, forested environment and enhance that sense of seamless connections between the indoor and outdoor space. 

The other element binding the two? The heavy presence of plants and open air spaces scattered around the stacked home. 

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