If You're Gonna Buy One Thing This Weekend...

Why not make it a Halo-style Jeep Wrangler?

By The Editors

If you're gonna buy one thing this weekend...
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27 November 2015

The Jeep Wrangler's status as American off-roading icon and preferred method of transit for off-duty raft guides, Rocky Mountain frat boys and #cooldads everywhere has never been in question.

Having said that, there's always room for improvement when it comes to things with wheels and engines. Hence the Rhino XT by California-based US Specialty Vehicles, a kitted-out aftermarket Wrangler that hit the floor this month at both the LA Auto Show and SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

You'll be forgiven for not seeing the resemblance. The XT takes a stock four-door Wrangler Unlimited and dresses it up in a Halo-esque matte green body kit complete with riveted fenders, reinforced paneling and a hard-top removable roof. Also included: 35-inch off-road tires sitting on 20-inch aluminum rims (up from the standard 16) and a heavier-duty performance roll cage.

The interior is also all custom, with premium leather seats, a luxury sedan-style dash and Alpine navigation system. They keep everything under the hood intact, however, which might have you raising eyebrows at the $75k sticker price.

First orders will ship in June.

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The Specifics

Rhino XT by USSV

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