UberMOTO Just Launched in Thailand, Which Sounds Terrifying

We recommend using the helmet

By The Editors

UberMOTO Just Launched in Thailand, Which Sounds Terrifying
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10 March 2016

Because riding in a car piloted by a complete stranger whose incentive is to get you from point A to B as quickly as possible wasn’t scary enough already, there’s this:

UberMOTO, now accepting passengers in Bangkok.

The service — which just began operating in the city’s central Sathorn, Siam and Silom neighborhoods and will strive to relieve the 120-minute average commute time — marks the first time Uber has offered rides on motorbikes and could be a sign of things to come.

Bangkok Traffic 0:50

The company expects demand to be “off the charts” for its pilot program and says it will be expanding to more areas where dense traffic has put a chokehold on daily commute times. Drivers will be required to provide passengers with a helmet and Uber standards like live GPS tracking, two-way feedback and the ability to share trip details with family and friends.

Just remember: every driver has a five-star rating until the day they don’t.

Have fun!

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