For Sale: $18.3M Tuscan Mansion Literally Incapable of Taking a Bad Photo

Enough symmetry in here for a decade of Wes Anderson films

By Tanner Garrity

For Sale: $18.3M Tuscan Mansion Literally Incapable of Taking a Bad Photo
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28 November 2018

HGTV can keep knocking out its home makeovers in a week. We're busy over here admiring a 19th-century restoration that took 36 years

Tuscany's tile-happy Sammezzano Castle sampled every color of the rainbow ... and then invented a few more. The 365-room Moorish estate sits an hour southeast of Florence, and is now on sale through Coldwell Banker's Global Luxury branch for a sum of $18.5M. 

sammezzano (6 images)

From 1833 to 1859, Florentine Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona poured time and money into the monolith on Via Giuseppe Garibald, giving every single room in the gone-decrepit 17th-century palazzo an influx of vibrant color. Today, that history has faded some, but the castle — paired with 65 acres of surrounding park (the listing even mentions a great big sequioa) — is as over-the-top spectacular as ever.   

Our two cents? If you've got the coin to purchase this place, turn it into a private museum and charge $35 a pop. Phones required, Instagrams highly encouraged. Look at those patterns. You'll make your money back in no time.

For more information on the listing, head here.

Images from Coldwell Banker / Bodini Barbera Real Estate
h/t Curbed

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