Here’s a TRON Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy

The all-electric Neutron is 100% CGI-free

By Evan Bleier

Here’s a TRON Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy
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02 June 2017

The designer of the revamped Light Cycle in 2010’s Tron: Legacy, Darren Gilford, wanted the CGI graphics-enabled bike to be the “sexiest, coolest vehicle you could possibly imagine.” Close, but thanks to this build from Florida-based Parker Brothers Concepts, we’d say no cigar.

Why? Because unlike Gilford's version, this one is for real.

A rideable version of the hubless wonder that appeared in the film, the PBC Neutron is an all-electric motorcycle that’s powered by a 48-volt A/C engine packing 60 ponies. Built from ultrahigh-grade composite, the bike can silently speed up to more than 120 MPH. PBC built their first version of the Neutron shortly after the most recent TRON film came out, and have been perfecting their craft with each subsequent build of the curvaceous cycle.

Tron Cycle (6 images)

“The hardest part of the build was trying to go from the CGI of the movie to a real-life situation,” PBC operations manager Jeff Halverson told The Daily Mail. “We pretty much started out just seeing if we could make it.”

They made it — and now they’re auctioning it in Santa Monica via RM Sotheby's on June 24th.

If you’re interested in the futuristic bike, bring about 70,000 space bucks.

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