A New App Gives You Real-Time Airport Security Updates

It'll also tell you which line is shortest upon arrival

By Kirk Miller

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29 January 2018

Know what you’re getting into.

That’s sound advice from the travel organizing app TripIt, which just intro’d a feature that tells you how long it’ll take to snake your way through airport security.

The info, updated in real time and available in TripIt’s “Pro” edition ($49/year), shares the current wait times at each security line, when you should leave for the airport and a route to the shortest line on arrival.

While you can check it when you want, you’ll also get an alert three hours before your flight with the relevant info.

Do you need it? Maybe not yet — the feature is currently being tested out at just four airports (Austin, Denver, Orlando and Phoenix). And, according to the TSA, 97 percent of passengers waited less than 20 minutes in line in 2017 (suuure).

A few other security line services that might be useful now:

MENT: A crowd-sourced app for security lines at New York’s airports.

MyTSA: Crowd-sourced TSA security checkpoint wait times, plus official info on any delays or weather issues.

Or just use our speed-through-the-airport guide. There’s a lot you can do when you travel to help move things along (and while it has its flaws, Global Entry should be at the top of your list).

Top photo: Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr Creative Commons)

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