So a '98 and '15 Corolla Get in a Head-On Collision ...

Wow. Cars were super un-safe 20 years ago.

By Evan Bleier

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16 May 2017

New Toyotas, according to a new ad, are so safe that the firm’s crash-test dummies are jobless.

A clever idea for a campaign, but also a good reminder of how far Toyota’s safety standards have come. For a physical reminder, look no further than the video above.

Shot by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), Australia's top independent vehicle safety advocate, the video shows what happens when a 1998 Toyota Corolla and a 2015 edition of the same model collide at a speed of 40 MPH. Suffice to say, the test dummy in the ‘98 Corolla got the short — and airbag-less — end of the stick.

“The older car sustained catastrophic structural failure with dummy readings showing an extremely high risk of serious head, chest and leg injury to the driver. It achieved a score of just 0.40 out of 16 points — zero stars,” said ANCAP CEO James Goodwin. “In contrast, the current model performed very well with a five-star level of protection offered, scoring 12.93 out of 16.”

The takeaway? If you’re shopping for a used car, get one that was made after 2000 — at the least.

Safety first. 

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