Someone Get This Bike a Modeling Contract

Raw aluminum, superior mechanics and just a touch of graffiti

By Shari Gab

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22 May 2017

The work of industrial designer Tom Dixon perfectly captures the attractive state of being effortlessly cool. Unexpected details, materials and a pervading sculptural quality underscore all his work. Even still, when he turns his hand to the world of motorcycles, it's almost frustrating how naturally it comes to him.

Presented by Moto Guzzi, the bike — coined "Tomoto" — is a one-off collab between the British designer and tech guru Stefano Venier of Venier Motorcycles.

It’s just as powerful as we have come to expect from Dixon, but the rawness of the ride is what really shines.

Tomoto (4 images)

Dixon’s vision was to build a concept moto for Guzzi that was both raw and complex — we’d say that vision is fully realized here, with the bare aluminum and handwritten logo set atop an intricate mechanical system. The Tomoto was purposefully unfinished in hand-crafted raw aluminum, but detailed with laser cutting on the wheels and sides. And that special headlight is an adaptation of one of Dixon’s iconic aluminum fin pendant lights with both high and low beams.

The seat is a luxurious contrast of black sky leather with oblique black stitching making it apparent that while this is a rough-and-tumbler, it is most certainly still a luxury ride.

The pink polish scrawled on the side reads as art. The kind of slapdash touch that only a superior designer could make look easy.

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