Today in Really Expensive Oxymorons: Kifaru’s “Baby” Yacht

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Today in Really Expensive Oxymorons: Kifaru’s “Baby” Yacht
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01 March 2016

There are many words by which yacht owners like to qualify the size of their boats.

“Mega.” “Super.” “Much larger than that other guy’s.”

“Baby” is not one of them.

But with a 43-foot body constructed from aluminum alloy and an estimated top speed of 45 knots, the Kifaru Baby is out to change that.

The boat has been dubbed a “fighter plane without wings” by designer Luca Dini. With an integrated bridge system that controls the boat’s navigation, safety, lighting and navigation systems via a 24” touchscreen, the Baby can comfortably hold 12 guests. It runs on a pair of either 370, 425 or 550 HP low-consumption diesel engines, depending on where you’re going and how soon you need to get there.

The floating luxury suite has a cabin with a king-size bed and other flashy features, like a sun deck that can convert into a dining area and a four-foot hydraulic bathing ladder/gangway that makes quick ocean dips a breeze.

Priced at $650k, the Baby is “designed for expert owners who can readily recognize quality, technical innovation and refined styling, and who are looking for a compact yacht or an exclusive luxury tender,” according to Dini.

While the mini yacht comes with a hefty price, think of what you’ll save in docking fees, captain.

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Kifaru Baby

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