Today in Apocalypse Planning: The Backpack Kayak

You definitely don’t need roads with this thing in hand

By The Editors

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01 June 2016

You’re on a backcountry hike.

Talking multi-day. The deep stuff. Nary a cell tower or emergency red telephone for miles. And that’s when you encounter a river.

Are you going to caulk your backpack and float it? Of course not. You’re gonna turn around and go back from whence you came.

But if you had a Pakayak, things could’ve been different.

The Pakayak is a 14-foot hardshell kayak that condenses down to just 3.5 feet so it can be carried in a duffel, backpack or by hand. Should you actually try to hump it over hill and dale? Probably not. But it is insanely portable in a way that few kayaks we’ve ever seen are.

The 55-pound vessel is made of six separate pieces that fit inside one another during transport and can be clamped together to form a watertight hull in less than five minutes. In addition to a padded fold-up seat and adjustable foot braces, the Pakayak comes with reflective safety lines, bungee deck rigging and an optional rudder.

With a max capacity of 275 pounds, the Pakayak’s plastic resin frame isn’t the strongest to ever hit the high seas, but its packability and anticipated mid-June launch date are both marks in its favor.

A percentage of the profit from each Pakayak sale will go toward preserving an endangered marine animal or fish: the first model is expected to benefit the bluefin tuna and comes with a price tag of $1,695.

Small price to pay for a being the most amphibious backpacker of all time.

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