Why Won’t Anyone Buy One of the World's Only Titanium Supercars?

It's fast, light and beautiful. So what's the problem?

By Shari Gab

Why Won’t Anyone Buy One of the World's Only Titanium Supercars?
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22 May 2017

On the surface, it's a show-stopper.

A 2013 limited-edition Icona Vulcano, the one-of-a-kind titanium suite.

If you met this ride in a bar — or museum or charitable talk or wherever people meet people these days — we would assume such a looker was married or at the very least seriously involved. Not the case, my friends.

The Vulcano has been playing the field during an ongoing tour through the U.S. and China for the last four years. Due to lack of interest, it has now returned to Europe. Red flag. Because when you meet someone so beautiful but also so totally available, you can’t help but think there must be something terribly wrong.

Yes, this steely dame can rocket up to 220 mph and hit 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds (the power can also be juiced up to 1,000 ponies upon request). Yes, more than 10,000 hours of handcrafted work went into the ride, and yes, it’s  able to best the famous Nurburgring race course in as little as seven minutes and 20 seconds. So, what’s the rub? Is it the titanium upkeep? Surely that could be figured out, right?

We’ll tell you the problem: it’s f*cking expensive.

The asking price of $2.78 million gets you what, exactly? A cool car? That’s not enough. 

Icona (3 images)

These days, the proof is in the papers. And this stunner, while handsome, is no record breaker. 

But if you think this diamond in the rough is for you, you’re in luck. It’s on-site in Antibes, France pre-Cannes Film Festival and ready for a test drive. But as far as we can tell, it’s the equivalent to buying a top-grade yellow diamond. Sure, it’s unique and the best of its class. But honey, it’s a yellow diamond. If you have that amount of pocket change to burn, find yourself a nice Ferrari F60 to settle down with.

It’ll cost you less and you’ll have less explaining to do.

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