Titan Motorcycles Just Turned a Beemer Into a Harley

That's what the customer asked for. They didn't disappoint.

By Shari Gab

Titan Motorcycles Just Turned a Beemer Into a Harley
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17 May 2017

A cursory glance will tell you building this bike was not easy feat.

And a little intel from its maker — Titan Motorcycles — has confirmed our suspicions.

Usually when the Austrian wrench monkeys are handed a tall order, they don't flinch. Here, that wasn’t the case. The owner wanted his BMW R50 transformed — “a Bavarian Boxer [gone] Harley” — and then updated with modern-day bells and whistles like an electric ignition. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Ha.

Well done, fellas.

“He was not cheap,” they said. “But who buys cheaply buys twice.”

Bobber (6 images)

Coined the “Bavarian Bobber,” you’re gazing upon a BMW R50/3 mounted on an old R75/7 engine and gearbox, making for a total output of 70 ponies. She’s also sporting restored original wheels, new 18-inch rims and Avon MK II tires. Then Titan polished off the job with new paint, ceramic-coated pipes and some mighty fine fishtails.

If you’re fixated on the tank, you’re not alone. It’s handcrafted with alloy side covers and kneepads, and accented with soda-fountain blue to match the stitching on the seat.

All things considered, it’s probably the finest party-of-one ride you'll have the pleasure of ogling this week.

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