Everywhere Travel Co. Lets You Take Tiny-Home Living for a Test Drive

And my, what big tiny homes they have

By Tanner Garrity

Everywhere Travel Co. Lets You Take Tiny-Home Living for a Test Drive
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08 March 2018

Stained doors, vaulted ceilings … porches?

If that’s a “tiny home,” then I am Mickey Mouse!

But that just might be the point.

Timbercraft, the custom tiny house building company based out of Alabama, has teamed up with Everywhere Travel Co., a burgeoning, one-stop travel lifestyle brand, to streamline rentals, custom-orders and vacations centered around tiny homes that pack quite a punch.

The strategic partnership allows Timbercraft to reach an ever-growing millennial consumer audience with interest in tiny homes. Some are looking to recreationally visit the nation’s roads and parks, while keeping all the creature comforts of an urban or suburban lifestyle. Others, dissuaded by mortgages and unappealing routines, are looking for a new way of minimal living, at a price that the housing market could never beat. And … it’s not the craziest idea. A mobile home’s ledger for HOA, trash, water, yard services and electric bill equals a whopping $0. (They run on solar.)

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Everywhere Travel Co. plans to streamline these levels of wanderlust by offering all six of Timbercraft’s models, each of them unique in offerings (fireplaces, couches, ladders up to lofted bedrooms) and all of them, well, unexpectedly spacious. The current system allows for down payments and an easy rent-to-own process for those interested. But the larger plan includes a collab with AirBnb, to make sure those who want to rent for a few weeks or months can do so near outdoor options in the likes of California, Montana or Hawaii.

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