This Startup Gives You Access to Private Land

A temporary way to access off-limit areas

By The Editors

This Startup Gives You Access to Private Land
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03 February 2016

This land was made for you and me, right?

Although he wasn’t around to see the advent the Internet or the sharing economy (but seemingly still had a vendetta against all things Trump), the late Woody Guthrie likely would have been a fan of a few new web services that provide you access to beautiful private land that heretofore was off-limits, especially areas ideal for camping, hiking and hunting.

A San Francisco-based startup called Hipcamp allows campers to connect with landowners who are willing to rent time on their ranch, farm, vineyard or land preserve for an agreed upon price.

The service, which was “born out of frustration for the fragmented, antiquated outdoor recreation system of the past,” also covers the National, State, Regional and Army Corps Parks in all 50 states.

The land sharing movement’s digital push doesn’t stop there.

For hikers who are stuck wondering if a “No Trespassing” is around the bend, the HUNT App shows trails and boundaries as well as list the names of nearby private and public landowners.

Likeminded hunters and anglers may soon be able to use an in-production app called Rod, Gun, and Bow that would allow them to lease private land for days, weeks or months at a time.

Soft landings ahead.

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