This Might Be the Best Deal for a Smart TV Ever

A well-reviewed 4K 43” set for under $200? Sold.

By Kirk Miller

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11 January 2019

You can have your $15,000, 80+ inch 8K TVs.

In our tiny  apartment, we’d be perfectly happy saving a lot of money and getting pretty much the same picture with a good, reliable 4K smart set ... and we’ve maybe found one at the best price ever with this newly-discounted Insignia 43” TV.

Look, you’re not gonna notice a lot of difference at 43 inches between ultra high-def 4K and the not-yet-necessary 8K (or between 4K and regular HD, for that matter). Also, the Insignia is a smart set with built-in Fire TV and a voice remote with Alexa capabilities, so you can use your voice to launch apps or play music or adjust volume (which is, admittedly, pretty much all I use my Alexa-powered TV soundbar for).

We actually haven’t seen this model below $250, and it’s currently just $199.99 at Best Buy. It also includes 30 days of Sling TV. As well, the larger 50” and 55” models are also $100-$120 off.

It’s a perfect set (well-reviewed, too) for tiny places or for use as a second TV.

BUY IT HERE: $199.99

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