A London Airport Has Banned Passengers from Sleeping

They're even hiring a squad of snooze cops to enforce it

By Kirk Miller

Sleeping Airport
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18 June 2018

Don’t. Fall. Asleep.

Sounds like the tagline to a new scary flick. But this edict comes straight from a real-life horror tale, courtesy of London Stansted airport.

The definitely-not-Heathrow terminal has effectively banned sleeping in their airport, your missed connection be damned. They’ve also outlawed sitting on floors, and will enforce these idiotic policies through manned “anti-snooze” patrols that’ll pass through the airport in 10-minute rounds.

Apparently, the airport wants to close up shop after the final flight each night, and they’re not up for looking after exhausted, stranded passengers. Instead, you’re supposed to hang out in the arrivals area (and be cheerful/awake).

While this is the first we've heard of such a policy, don't be surprised to see other airports follow suit. Customer service isn't exactly a strong suit for the airline industry. Instituting draconian policies in the name of cost-cutting, however?

They wrote the book on that.

Photo: Franck Michel/Flickr CC

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