We All Lose Track of Our Grilling Tools, So Now This Exists

Don't pretend like you know where your tongs are right now

By Kirk Miller

Grill Tool
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13 June 2017

Utensil malfunctions at the grill: solved.

Geared toward those of us who may set down a spatula and never find it again, the Gazebo Green 5-In-1 Grill Tool Set combines your must-have grill tools into one slender package.

Basically, the Grill Tool Set is a footlong compendium of utensils bunched together in a single multi-tool, featuring a stainless steel spatula (which also opens beer), two-pronged meat fork and silicone basting brush, all of which swing out from one side of the handle. The other side provides a corkscrew/wine lever and additional bottle opener.

You can even slide the tool apart into two halves — one a spatula and one a grill tool. To re-assemble, you just match halves, slide together  and then close the spatula to lock in place.

The Grill Tool Set comes with a canvas carrying case and is dishwasher safe. And it’s going to save you a lot of mental distress over the grill.

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