This Camera Attaches to Your Glasses and Takes a Picture When You Wink

Winking just got even pervier, which is no small feat

By Kirk Miller

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10 October 2016

Google Glass failed because it A) looked stupid and B) gave everyone who wore it a slight air of perviness.

And now somebody’s gone and made it even worse.

BLINCAM is being billed as “the world’s quickest wearable camera.” The tiny pic-taker attaches to any pair of glasses and snaps a photo anytime you “noticeably” wink.

Looking somewhat like a slender vape pen, the lightweight BLINCAM attaches to your glasses’s temple with small hooks. You wink to snap a photo — a shutter sound confirms it worked — and then use an accompanying app to sort and share pics via social media.

Lousy at winking? The ‘cam also works by closing both eyes.

“You should see [moments like the first time your kid stands up] with your own eyes, not the screen of a smartphone. Capturing a moment should never get in the way of living it,” said BLINCAM inventor/CEO Shota Takase.

Maybe. While we think hands-free cameras have their uses — particularly in a professional field, like medicine — we’d be extremely wary of a person walking down the street with one of these. Thankfully, video is currently not an option.

BLINCAM is currently $159 on Indiegogo, with shipping expected in April.

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