This App Offers Unlimited U.S. Air Travel

A subscription-based flight plan, via OneGo

By The Editors

This App Offers Unlimited U.S. Air Travel
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02 February 2016

You can binge on movies (thanks, Netflix). You can binge on breadsticks (thanks, Olive Garden). 

In today’s economy, you should be able to binge on travel.

If you’re stateside, you can, thanks to the new company and app OneGo.

OneGo is now offering a monthly subscription-based commercial flight service that will give travelers access to unlimited domestic U.S. flights throughout the country on major airlines for $2,950 per month … and yes, frequent flyer miles do accumulate like normal.

The company’s national package features more than 700 routes stopping at 76 airports and there are regional options — West ($1,500), Central ($1,950) and East ($2,300) — available as well.

All of the basic plans require seven days advance booking and there are charges for late reservations and changes. That said, there is an all-inclusive unlimited plan that costs $6,000.

Have a good flight(s).

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