Massholes Really Are Country's Most Dangerous Drivers, Study Shows

And this Bostonian — for one — is proud of it

By Evan Bleier

Massholes Really Are Country's Most Dangerous Drivers, Study Shows
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12 July 2017

In a survey of 200 U.S. cities, an annual driver-safety report from Allstate ranked Boston as the most dangerous city to drive in because — according to the data — the Hub’s drivers average just 3.6 years between filing damage claims due to a collision.

The national average is 10.

If you’re familiar with the run Boston has been on lately, it’s hardly surprising Allstate ranked it as the best city for driving badly (same as last year) — Boston is America’s No. 1 city for lots of things.

Just think about it. The Patriots have more Super Bowl appearances (9) and twice as many “-gate” scandals (two) as any other team in NFL history. The Red Sox are alone at the top of the AL East standings and also the top team in MLB in terms of race-related scandals this year. And the Celtics? Most NBA championships of all time ... and most lucky bounces in league history by a country mile.

And the list goes on:

Highest collared-but-untucked shirt ratio in recorded history? Every bar near Faneuil Hall. Most drunk-driving accidents (because the T closes way too early)? Boston is tops again. Number-one place for towns being spelled in way more confusing ways than they should be, to the point that the towns themselves don’t know what's correct? Include the entire Greater Boston Area, and you've got a winner.

The list could go on, but we’re going to end ours right here with one final entry. As Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald pointed out in a recent column, Boston is so far ahead of the rest of the pack that the most important athlete in town doesn’t even wear a uniform. That’s because it’s not Tom Brady, Chris Sale or Isaiah Thomas.

It’s Pete Frates.

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Main image courtesy of Scott Eisen/Getty Images

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