A New Shop Is Giving Vintage Porsches the All-Electric Treatment

Let the era of the clean-burning supercar begin

By Kirk Miller

Voitures Extravert
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28 February 2018

“Classics should not become museum pieces.”

That’s the motto behind Voitures Extravert, a Dutch firm that’s converting classic cars into 100% electric vehicles.

Their latest rebuild? The Quintessenza, an electric update on ‘70s and ‘80s-era Porsche 911s. The revamped models feature 400 km of range and can reach 0-62 mph in six seconds. They’re priced at just under $370,000 (300,000 euros).

Sadly, the five models built for 2018 were already sold, but the company is taking reservations for the 2019 series ... if you have the $62,000 it takes to reserve one.

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