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TheTake: See something you like in a movie. Buy it.

  • 16 May 2014

Your editor had a few waking moments during The Wolf of Wall Street — somewhere around hours fourteen and sixteen — when something caught his eye.

Not her.

Well, her, yes.

But Leo’s wardrobe.

Where can I get those sunglasses?

Providing those sunnies, and much, much more: TheTake, a shopping service with a Hollywood eye, available now.

Note: TheTake is not a prop warehouse sale.

Rather, it's this: You see a shirt, sunglasses or even a car you like in a new film. You type in the movie’s name on TheTake's site (app coming soon), scroll through the featured items, then click on a link to buy that product.

The Take

And, days later, it's yours.

Some nice finds:

Since star-studded wardrobes (and garages ... and, in some instances, locations) come with diamond-studded price tags, TheTake goes the extra mile and provides cost-friendly alternatives.

Nothing to lose sleep over.

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