The Range: Driving Gloves

Handsome white-knucklers for every man and every pricepoint

By The Editors

Every Drivin' Man Needs One
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08 January 2016

Because every man loves options, and some of us need those options laid out in front of us with a variety of styles and price points, we give you The Range: a meditation on one garment every man should own, served up seven ways.

When sporting leather driving gloves, your car ceases to be just a car. It becomes an automobile. Highways become motorways. Trips become journeys. This is the power of the driving glove — a piece of sartorial history dating back to the beginning of the auto industry — used to protect drivers from the elements. It’s as dandy and gentlemanly as any driving accessory will get.

Its boons? Protection. Better grip. Provides feedback.

And looks damn good while doing all the above.

Here are seven options for all you speed racers out there.

Pratt and Hart Fingerless Driving Gloves $30 | Grifter Ranger Gloves $72 | Dents Delta Leather Driving Gloves $95 | Lee Parks Design DeerTours $95 | Autodromo Stringback Gloves $125 | Deus Ex Machina Mesh Gloves $155 | Fratelli Orsini Peccary Driving Gloves $235

Main Photo: Autodromo

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