We’re Pretty Sure This Hydraulic ATV Is Visiting Us from the Future

Six wheels, and a whole lot of torque

By Tanner Garrity

We’re Pretty Sure This Hydraulic ATV Is Visiting Us from the Future
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02 January 2019

People are throwing a ton of money at urban transport these days. 

Scooters, mopeds, electric skateboards .... it begs the question, are any engineers working on a machine for the wild lands a few hours outside the city? 

The anwer is yes, thankfully. And one of the best (and craziest) efforts we've seen yet goes to Australia-based Ferox Vehicles and its Azaris Advanced ATV

ferox (3 images)

An immediate, obvious difference between the Azaris and traditional ATVs: six wheels. Two in the front, four in the back. And it's the back four that carry the Azaris' outlandish power supply.

Juiced by four separate motors and hydraulic liquid (which is mostly water) the wheels can produce 500 lbs. of torque each. Those motors pair with the machine's "DNA arms" (long, spindly things that allow for rocker suspension) and either an electric or combustion engine (your call). Ferox utilizes lightweight parts, from the motor to the chassis, so it all amounts to a historically efficient ride. And as their protoype is still alive and kicking, the company plans to move forward with production soon. 

One concern — isn't the design a little ridiculous? It looks like Optimus Prime's electric toothbrush. But we bet that exterior silliness definitely washes away the second you're zipping through some rocky backcountry as smooth as a jet ski over a Minnesota lake. 

For more information on the vehicle, head here. And to get into contact with Ferox, head here

All images from Ferox Vehicles

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