Lightyear Is Developing a Solar-Powered E-Car, Says to Hell With Charging Stations

Kick rocks, fossil fuels

By Evan Bleier

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30 June 2017

Planes have done it.

Boats have done it.

But despite a number of well-intentioned efforts, a real-deal solar-powered car that can do more than just explode on college college campuses has remained somewhat of an elusive beast.

According to a Dutch firm that’s so confident it’ll be able to harness the power of sunlight to power a line of cars it essentially staked its name to it, that will be changing in short order.

Lightyear One (3 images)

Supposedly set to hit the market in 2019, Lightyear claims its four-wheel-drive “One” model will be able to charge itself while driving but also offer an all-electric range of up to 500 miles thanks to a powerful battery that can charge via a standard wall socket.

In addition to offering a virtually limitless free power supply, Lightyear claims the car will solve the “chicken and egg” problem of adding an electric car infrastructure in a developing country before there are enough e-cars on the roads to justify it.

Since all we’ve got to go on for now is renderings, promises and a promo video, we wouldn’t start clearing out space in the garage quite yet, but if you’re optimistic, set aside $137,000.

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