When You Need to Thwart the Joker but Want to Play 18 Holes First

The golf cart Gotham deserves

By Evan Bleier

When You Need to Thwart the Joker but Want to Play 18 Holes First
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19 May 2017

Our society is a weird place, full of contradictions, social taboos and unspoken rules of behavior.

For example, if you arrived at a business outing on the golf course wearing a replica Batman suit from The Dark Knight, you’d be risking a demotion, if not full termination.

However, if you were to show up to that same outing driving a replica golf cart of the Tumbler vehicle Gotham's hero drove in the film, you’d be given a handshake, maybe even a promotion.

Well, in service of climbing the ladder: cloaked in black alloy, the 1,400-pound Gotham Golfcart cruises on a six-pack of course-ready tires that are powered by a six-HP electric go-kart motor that can boost the vehicle to decidedly non-threatening 38 MPH.

With space for multiple bags above the replica afterburner, the batted-out ride has extra touches like a four-link rear suspension, adjustable leather seats and a lighting system.

Priced at $28,500, Hammacher Schlemmer asks that interested parties call 1-800-227-3528 but does warn that “special conditions and guarantee limitations apply to this product.”

Probably just not insured against the Joker. Might want to ask your agent about that.

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