You Don't Need This Handmade Marshmallow Crossbow. But You Should Buy Two.

This thing launches 'mallows 60 feet

By Tanner Garrity

Of Course You Don't Need a Handmade Marshmallow Crossbow. That's Why You're Getting Two.
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06 December 2018

A whole lotta companies like to claim their product is the leader in its field. The best money can buy. But for MMX Vancouver's Marshmallow Crossbow, it is undeniably true. 

Forget everything you thought you knew about the field of marshmallow projectiles. This is no plastic shooter purchased from Kohl's for $19.95. The "Mallow Bow" is built in British Columbia with natural materials, using old woodworking techniques. It's handsome and effective, able to shoot fluffy ammo up to 60 feet. And it's also delightfully ageless, perfect for giving the kids and their cousins the absolute business this holidays. 

N.B. — MMX Vancouver recommends adding corn starch to your Jet-Puffed's to ensure "smooth dry firing." That'll also create a smokey effect each time it launches. Have fun and stay frosty out there. 


Image from Huckberry 

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